XTBs in the news


  • 27.06 Financial Standard: “XTB adds bond SMA to Macquarie Wrap”, Emma Rapaport
  • 27.06 Money Management: “XTB brings fixed income onto Macquarie Wrap”, Oksana Patron
  • 27.06 AdviserVoice: “Fixed Income SMA Model Portfolio on Macquarie Wrap”, Staff Writer
  • 27.06 Financial Observer: “Term deposit investors shifting to SMAs”, Megan Tran
  • 19.06 CommSec Adviser Services: “How do Exchange Traded Bonds work?”, Staff Reporter
  • 08.06 Adviser Voice: “XTB appoints Chief Investment Officer”, XTB
  • 08.06 Financial Observer: “ACBC unveils CIO, braces for SMA expansion”, Daniel Paperny
  • 07.06 Investor Daily: “XTB appoints new CIO”, Staff Reporter
  • 07.06 Financial Standard: “XTB appoints new CIO”, Alex Burke
  • 07.06 Money Management: “Ian Martin appointed as XTB CIO”, Staff Writer
  • 05.06 Adviser Voice: “XTBs break through $200 million milestone”, Richard Murphy
  • 04.06 Investor Strategy News: “XTB reaches milestone $200m FUM”, Staff Reporter
  • 02.06 Investor Daily: “XTB reaches milestone $200m FUM”, Staff Reporter
  • 01.06 Industry Moves: “XTB names Chief Investment Officer”, XTB
  • 22.05 Financial Observer: “Adviser distrust not justified”, Megan Tran
  • 15.05 Financial Standard, print edition: “The Search for Yield”, Alex Burke
  • 10.05 Owners Advisory: “Location, location!”, XTB
  • 01.04 ASX Investor Update: “How XTBs give access to corporate bonds”, Richard Murphy
  • 30.03 Professional Planner: ‘The fixed income market is still worthwhile in the long run”, Steven Tang
  • 15.03 Self Managed Super Fund Magazine: “ACBC launches SMSF fixed income book”, Darin Tyson-Chan
  • 13.03 IFA: “XTB, Praemium strike SMA partnership”, Staff Reporter
  • 12.03 Owners Advisory: “Bond maturity ladders: a stairway to successful investing”, Richard Murphy
  • 07.03 Owners Advisory: “Five reasons you need XTBs”, Richard Murphy
  • 06.03 Owners Advisory: “5 reasons you should be looking at corporate bonds”, XTB
  • 02.03 Financial Standard: “ACBC partners with Praemium”, Emma Rapaport
  • 02.03 Financial Observer: “ACBC, Praemium unveil fixed income SMA”, Leanne Abbas
  • 01.03 Money Management: “XTB Partners with Praemium for Fixed Income SMA”, Hope William-Smith
  • 23.02 nabtrade: “Yield still key to the perfect portfolio”, Jackson Hewitt
  • 15.02 Owners Advisory: “How will rising global rates impact XTBs?”, Richard Murphy
  • 08.02 Money Management: “How will rising global rates impact XTBs?”, Richard Murphy
  • 02.02 Investor Daily: “Investors being short-changed by bond ETFs”, Killian Plastow
  • 31.01 Owners Advisory: “XTBs: the easy way to diversify into bonds”, Richard Murphy
  • 17.01 Sky News-Your Money Your Call: Richard Murphy


  • 22.12 The Senior: “Corporate bonds as an alternative to term deposits”, Staff Writer
  • 22.11 Professional Planner: “XTBs added to Macquarie digital wealth management platform, Owners Advisory”, Staff Writer
  • 09.11 Professional Planner: “Australian ETF industry remains resilient amid declining markets”, Staff Writer
  • 25.10 Financial Standard: “Socially responsible XTBs hit ASX”,  Jamie Williams
  • 25.10 Financial Observer: “XTBs a hedge against rate rise”, Daniel Paperny
  • 31.08 Money Management: “ACBC releases two XTB Model Portfolios”, Staff Writer
  • 30.08 Financial Standard: “ACBC launches additional XTB model portfolios”, Jamie Williamson
  • 30.08 IFA: “ACBC launches new XTB Model Portfolios for advisers”, Staff Writer
  • 30.08 Financial Observer: “ACBC adds two more XTB model portfolios”, Jerome Doraisamy
  • 30.08 Professional Planner: “Adviser demand propels XTB model portfolio expansion”, Staff Writer
  • 30.08 Adviser Voice: “Adviser demand propels XTB model portfolio expansion”, Staff Writer
  • 10.08 AFR: “Making your cash work harder in a low growth world”, Sally Patten
  • 08.08 “How to find yield in the age of low interest”, Richard Murphy
  • 14.07 Financial Standard: “Adviser demand drives XTB offering”, Kerrie Sydee
  • 14.07 Money Management: “New XTB models to simplify corporate bond exposure”, Hope William-Smith
  • 14.07 Professional Planner: “New XTB model portfolios simplify corporate bond exposure”, Staff Writer
  • 14.07 Financial Observer: “ACBC launches XTB Model Portfolios”, Sarah Kendall
  • 05.07 The Australian: “XTBs offer retail investors access to corporate bonds”, Richard Murphy
  • 05.07 Canstar: “Investing in corporate bonds”, Daniel Sciberra
  • 30.06 AFR: “Greater choice has investors seeking out bonds”, Gayee Bryant
  • 29.06 Investor Daily: “Hybrids, high yield ‘not for the faint-hearted'”, Killian Plastow
  • 22.06 Financial Standard print edition: “The price of longevity” Alex Burke
  • 22.06 Financial Standard: “Innovation and unprecedented market conditions create ‘perfect storm’ for fixed income”, Darren Snyder
  • 22.06 Professional Planner: “Innovation and unprecedented market conditions create ‘perfect storm’ for fixed income”, Staff Writer
  • 22.06 Financial Observer: “The time is ripe for fixed income investments”, Jerome Doraisamy
  • 22.06 Adviser Voice: “Innovation and unprecedented market conditions create ‘perfect storm’ for fixed income”, Richard Murphy
  • 01.06 CommSec Executive Series: Tom Piotrowski
  • 25.05 Financial Observer: “ACBC expands XTB suite for investors”, Daniel Paperny
  • 24.05 Investor Daily: “New tranche of exchange-traded bonds released”, Staff Reporter
  • 24.05 Financial Standard: “ACBC releases six fixed-rate XTBs”, Alex Burke
  • 13.05 Boss, AFR: “Meet eight fintechs changing financial services”, Patrick Durkin
  • 19.04 Financial Observer: “XTB wins best disruptor at Afiniation fintech conference”, Sarah Kendall
  • 01.04 Investor Daily: “HUB24 platform adds BondAdviser”, Staff Reporter
  • 01.04 Financial Standard: “BondAdviser launches new portfolio on HUB24”, Kerrie Sydee
  • 01.04 IFA: “BondAdviser fixed income portfolio added to HUB24”, Adrian Flores
  • 01.04 Financial Observer: “HUB24 debuts novel fixed interest SMA”, Sarah Kendall
  • 01.04 IFA: “The changing face of bonds: Protecting assets from the shock of volatility”, Linda Santacruz
  • 01.04 Professional Planner: “BondAdviser launches new fixed income managed portfolio on HUB24”, Staff Writer
  • 01.04 Money Management: “BondAdviser launches new fixed income managed portfolio”, Jessica Amir
  • 22.03 Australian Financial Review: “Dividend payout dream world can’t last, says RBA”, Jacob Greber
  • 18.03 “Bond Basics: Getting to know the risks and returns”, Richard Murphy
  • 14.03 Investor Strategy News: “SMSF survey shows confusion over hybrids”, Greg Bright
  • 26.02 Money Management: “Backing yourself with fixed income”, Malavika Santhebennur
  • 29.01 Professional Planner: “New tools to build corporate bond portfolios”, Staff Writer
  • 28.01 Adviser Voice: “New tools to help build corporate bond portfolios”, Staff Writer
  • 28.01 IFA: “Adviser focused bonds website lunched”, Staff Writer
  • 28.01 Financial Observer: “ACBC says more XTBs on the horizon”, Elizabeth Somerville
  • 28.01 Investor Daily: “ACBC launches new corporate bonds website”, Staff Writer
  • 27.01 Adviser Innovation: “ACBC launches adviser-focused bonds website”, Taylee Lewis
  • 27.01 Money Management: “ACBC launches new website”, Staff Writer
  • 27.01 Wealth Professional: “New site helps advisers build corporate bond portfolios”, Adam Smith


  • 18.12 Financial Observer: “What XTBs are available?”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 18.12 Financial Observer: “The benefits of XTBs”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 18.12 Financial Observer: “The merits of Exchange Traded Bonds”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 18.12 Financial Observer: “What are XTBs?”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 18.12 Financial Observer: “How do investors access XTBs”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 14.12 “SMSF investors warned on risk of hybrids”, Staff Writer
  • 14.12 SMSF Adviser: “SMSFs warned on risk of hybrids”, Miranda Brownlee
  • 11.12 The Australian: “Strong demand for Australian Bonds”, Adam Donaldson
  • 03.12 Financial Observer: “XTBs to wrap up year on a high”, Kristen Crawford
  • 25.11 Investor Daily: “ACBC lists new exchange-traded bonds”, Taylee Lewis
  • 24.11 Financial Standard: “ACBC adds further XTBs”, Mark Smith
  • 24.11 Financial Observer: “Increased XTB suite provides diversification”, Elizabeth Somerfield
  • 24.11 Wealth Professional: “Company expands range of XTBs”, Adam Smith
  • 12.11 OpenMarkets TV: “Floating Rate XTBs now available on ASX”, Genevieve Wood
  • 12.11 Professional Planner: “New XTBs- ‘Floaters’ now available on ASX”, Staff Writer
  • 12.11 The Switzer Report: “Switzer Report looks at what XTBs are”, Peter Switzer
  • 12.11 Adviser Voice: “New XTBs: ‘Floaters’ now available on ASX”, Staff Writer
  • 12.11 Financial Standard: “XTB floaters listed on ASX”, Laura Millan
  • 11.11 Investor Daily: “ACBC lists new exchange-traded bonds”, Staff Reporter
  • 11.11 Financial Observer: “Six XTBs added to ACBC suite”, Darin Tyson-Chan
  • 09.11 OpenMarkets TV:” QF1, QF2 and QF3 XTBs take off on ASX”, Rick Klink
  • 09.11 Money Management: “ACBC offer higher yield exchange traded bonds”, Staff Writer
  • 05.11 Financial Observer: “XTB expand boost access to corporate traded bonds”, Elizabeth Somerville
  • 05.11 Adviser Voice: “New wave of XTBs now live on ASX”, Staff Writer
  • 04.11 Wealth Professional: “New wave of exchange traded bonds hits market”, Adam Smith
  • 04.11 Professional Planner: “New wave of exchange traded bonds hits market”, Staff Writer
  • 04.11 Financial Standard: “Exchange traded bond range increases”, Darren Snyder
  • 21.10 Professional Planner: “XTBs expand access with leading platforms”, Staff Writer
  • 21.10 AFR Smart Investor: “On the level”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 21.10 Financial Standard: “XTBs added to Praemium, HUB24 Super”, Alex Burke
  • 21.10 Financial Observer: “XTBs now part of HUB24, Praemium”, Elizabeth Somerville
  • 21.10 IFA: “Corporate bonds added to HUB24, Praemium platforms”, Staff Writer
  • 20.10 Australian Financial Review: “The defensive measure that matters”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 15.10 CNBC: “CNBC Street Signs”, Oriel Morrison
  • 29.09 Investor Daily: “ACBC releases second tranche of corporate bonds”, Alice Uribe
  • 25.09 Morgans: “Investing in corporate bonds via XTBs”, Steven Wright
  • 25.09 IFA: “Corporate bond landscape opens up for retail investors”, Alice Uribe
  • 28.08 Sky News: “Your Money Your Call”, Mark Todd
  • 20.08 Cuffelinks: “Listed bonds finally reach retail investors”, Graham Hand
  • 18.08 Australian Financial Review: “Let’s get something straight about bonds”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 13.08 KangaNews: “Latest attempt to bring wholesales corporate bonds to retail goes live”, Staff Writer
  • 20.07 Adviser Voice: “Comparing XTBs and Hybrids”, Staff Writer
  • 14.07 Business Spectator: “A new safe haven in a volatile market”, Miranda Maxwell
  • 13.07 AFR Smart Investor: “Why you’re lost without bonds”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 08.07 Self Managed Super Fund Magazine: “XTB launch widens access to corporate bonds”, Elizabeth Somerville
  • 07.07 AB+F: “Corporate bond market: Warming up if not sizzling”, Elizabeth Fry
  • 03.07 Business Insider: “There’s a revolution coming to Australia’s bond market for retail investors”, Greg Mckenna
  • 02.07 Eureka Report: “At last…corporate bonds for everyone”, Phillip Bayley
  • 26.06 Money Magazine: “Risks with rewards”, Pam Walkley
  • 15.06 Money Magazine: “More for less”, Susan Hely
  • 15.06 Money Management: “ETFs funds and products steam ahead”, Jason Spits
  • 10.06 Australian Financial Review: “Looking for yield? It’s over here”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 09.06 Australian Financial Review: “Build your own bond portfolio”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 05.06 Finsia-InFinance News: “Perfect storm for corporate bonds”, Robin Christie
  • 04.06 Yield Report: “In focus: XTBs”, Matt Wilson
  • 02.06 Money Magazine: “Alternative to term deposits launched”, Staff Writer
  • 26.05 Sydney Morning Herald: “A light at the end of tunnel for savers”, David Potts
  • 22.05 NAB: Mark Todd talks to Richard Murphy, Mark Todd
  • 22.05 CommSec Executive Series: Tom Piotrowski
  • 15.05 The Australian: “XTB issues to woo retail investors” Andrew Main
  • 14.05 OpenMarkets: OM TV – Interview with Richard Murphy, Genevieve Wood
  • 14.05 Money Management: “Wholesale corporate bonds open to retail investors”, Malavika Santhebennur
  • 14.05 The Australian: “Exchange-traded bonds launched on ASX”, Prasjant Mehra
  • 14.05 Australian Financial Review: “Corporate bond market open to new investors”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 14.04 Financial Observer: “Retail investors to diversify through bonds”, Elizabeth Somerville
  • 25.03 Stockbrokers Association of Australia, David Horsfield
  • 12.03 Australian Financial Review “How a bond fund works”, Jeremy Chunn
  • 03.03 The Australian: “ASX opens to a wider world”, Andrew Main
  • 14.02 Money Morning: “The new golden age of Aussie bond investing”, Tim Dorham
  • 09.02 Australian Financial Review: “New ventures bet on corporate bonds”, Jonathan Shapiro
  • 09.02 AFR Smart Investor: “Blue chip bonds hit ASX”, Jonathan Shapiro

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