In this pack:

  • High Yield Portfolio – a portfolio of 5 of the highest yielding XTBs - for those looking for yield above all else. 
  • Monthly Income Portfolio – a portfolio of just 3 bank floating-rate XTBs which provides a monthly income stream.
  • Maturity Ladder Portfolio – a portfolio of 5 XTBs with one maturing in each year. Provides regular income and a 'laddered' maturity of the bonds, returning a face value payment each year. 
  • Trade XTBs brokerage free with Bell Direct – Give XTBs a try with 5 brokerage free trades via Bell Direct. Trade before 30 June 2019. Offer available to new Bell Direct clients. 

Bringing 30 years of bond trading experience

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"We’re passionate about helping investors grow their portfolio through fixed income products that protect against volatility while generating low-risk, predictable income.” Ian Martin CIO and Co-Founder, XTB

5 XTBs brokerage-free via Bell Direct

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