XTB Fixed Income Model Portfolios

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XTB Model Portfolios are ASX-traded fixed income investment portfolios. They have pre-defined investment strategies and mandates. They provide an easy and simple way to incorporate individual corporate bond exposure as part of your fixed income asset allocation.

XTBs are traded on ASX and allow access through any broker.

They can be held on a wide range of wrap and MDA platforms. View available platforms.



Australian Corporate Bond Company is a specialist provider of ASX fixed income solutions.

XTBs provide individual exposure to corporate bonds over leading ASX listed companies. Companies include BHP, NAB, Telstra and many more.

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Investment philosophy and approach

We believe fixed income plays an important role in all investment portfolios.

Our models have been designed to deliver:

  • Regular and predictable income streams;
  • Capital preservation and low price volatility;
  • An absolute return that is above returns on Term Deposits;
  • Liquidity to ensure investment flexibility.

We select XTBs for the portfolios using a 2-stage quantitative process with a qualitative overlay.

Available portfolios

The are four model portfolios, and two SMAs available:

  1. Concentrated High Yield
  2. Maturity Ladder 
  3. Monthly Income 
  4. High Yield 
  5. No.1 Fixed Income SMA
  6. Emerald Ethical SMA

Features & benefits

  • Choice – Four models and two SMAs available. Choose one or a combination of models to suit your client’s needs;
  • Scalability and efficiency – Manage the fixed income component of your business efficiently and cost-effectively;
  • Available to SMSF clients – Designed with SMSFs in mind;
  • Trade execution – Maintain the control and flexibility to implement the model portfolios by placing the trades yourself on ASX. You can do this through your preferred platform, broker or wholesale broker. 

Next steps

Step 1:
Request a copy of our model portfolios. These include ASX codes and weightings.

Step 2:
Select the appropriate portfolio(s) for your client.

Step 3:
Place the trades on ASX through your preferred platform, broker or wholesale broker.

When you request our models, we will keep you informed of any updates to the models and performance.


About the portfolio manager


Ian Martin has over 30 years’ experience in fixed income markets globally. Prior to the formation of ACBC, Ian was Head of Rates Australia and New Zealand for Deutsche Bank, Australia. He was a member of the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA) Market Governance Committee. He was also a board member of Yieldbroker and a member of Deutsche Bank’s Global Rates Executive Committee.

XTB Financial Services Guide

Download a copy of our Financial Services Guide on the link below.


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Concentrated High Yield Portfolio

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Monthly Income Portfolio

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Maturity Ladder Portfolio

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High Yield Portfolio

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