John McNiven

John McNiven, Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director

After a long, courageous journey with cancer, John passed away in August 2020. The team at XTB will continue his legacy to make the predictable income of quality corporate bonds accessible to all Australian investors.  

Career history

During his career, John held senior positions at J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch. He worked in Melbourne, New York, London and Hong Kong.

J. P. Morgan

Based in London and New York, John was involved in the creation of the international bond markets in Australian and New Zealand dollars and associated interest rate and exchange rate derivative markets.

Merrill Lynch

Based in London, John was Co-Head of Global Debt Capital Markets. After this, he was appointed Co-Head of Asia Pacific Investment Banking, Debt and Equity Capital Markets based in Hong Kong. Following this he returned to Australia with his family.  


John held a Bachelor of Economics (with Honours) degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the Australian National University. He recently set up the McNiven family scholarship to help students struggling to access higher education.  

Media coverage


  • 27Jul 2021

    YTMF16: Westpac Bank BBSW + 0.81% 27 OCT 2022

    This is the coupon date

  • 10Aug 2021

    YTMF15: NAB BBSW + 0.80% 10 FEB 2023

    This is the coupon date

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