Ord Minnett Listed Senior Bond Portfolio

Ord Minnett Listed Senior Bond Portfolio

About the Ord Minnett Portfolio

The core objective is to create a portfolio representing a diverse range of non-financial corporates using senior unsecured bonds.

Portfolio volatility will be minimised by closely monitoring credit risk at the issuer level, as well as by adjusting the exposure to interest rate movements based on a considered view of their path over the average life of the portfolio.

Portfolio Summary Details

Portfolio Overview Data as at 14 June ’16 *
Inception Date 8 March 2016
Holdings 16
Prospective Gross Yield to Maturity (p.a.) 2.67%
Prospective Gross Running Yield (p.a.) 5.41%
Weighted Average Time to Maturity (years) 2.82
Asset Swap Spread (over BBSW) 0.78%
* Data updated monthly

Top Holdings

ASX Code Underlying Bond Weighting
YTMLLC Lend Lease 5.50% NOV 2018 7.50%
YTMMGR Mirvac 5.75% DEC 2017 7.50%
YTMCTX Caltex 7.25% NOV 2018 7.50%
YTMSGP Stockland 5.00% SEP 2019 7.50%
YTMCCA Coca Cola Amatil 4.25% NOV 2019 7.50%

Contact details

For further details please contact Ord Minnett:

Brad Dunn, Head of Fixed Interest Research
T: 02 8216 6735

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Additional Information

Investor Profile:
The Ord Minnett Listed Senior Bond Portfolio is suitable for investors seeking a primarily income-based return from a portfolio of investment grade, senior unsecured corporate bonds. The liquidity afforded by a public listing is a key attraction.

Investment Strategy:
The manager utilises a range of measures as part of the security selection process. These include an analysis of historical and forecast financial data, quantitative techniques, and a close consideration of the strategic direction and outlook for the issuer. Consideration of credit risk and interest rate risk is undertaken at the security and portfolio level.

About Ord Minnett:
Ord Minnett is one of Australia’s leading financial advisory firms, catering to Private Clients, Corporates and Institutions. Dating back to 1872, Ord Minnett is one of the most highly respected names in the Australian wealth management industry. With a team of more than 200 advisers across 13 offices, the service offering spans the full breadth of listed and unlisted investment markets. Ord Minnett Limited holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFS Licence 237 121), is a Market Participant of the Australian Stock Exchange, and is a Member of the Stockbrokers Association of Australia.

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