Recommended Portfolios and SMAs

The following portfolios include XTBs within their investment strategy.

Click on the portfolio name in the table below to access a detailed description of the portfolio, including contact details at the respective organisation.

Recommended Portfolios

Portfolio Name Holdings Type of Underlyings Performance Reports
Concentrated High Yield target of 5 Senior corporate bonds via XTBs View Reports
Monthly Income min. of 3 Senior Floating Rate corporate bonds via XTBs View Reports
High Yield min. of 8 Senior corporate bonds via XTBs View Reports
Maturity Ladder  min. of 5 Senior corporate bonds via XTBs View Reports
Ord Minnett Listed Senior Bond Portfolio 16 Senior corporate bonds via XTBs

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs): Managed Portfolios and Recommended Portfolios

Portfolio Name Platform Investment Super Management Fee Performance Reports
ACBC Fixed Income No.1 Portfolio Macquarie Wrap Yes N/A 0.20% p.a. View Reports
Praemium SMA Yes Yes NIL View Reports
Emerald Fixed Income ESG Managed Portfolio HUB24 Yes Yes 0.1925% p.a.

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