XTBs defy the gravitational pull of other securities

  • 16.Feb.2016
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Gravitational Pull

Seems Einsten was right 100 years ago – colliding black holes do generate gravitational waves. Who knew?

Meanwhile over at ASX another gravitational anomaly has been observed. An entire family of securities is defying the terrible gravitational pull that has been sucking equities and hybrids into a vortex for the last 12 months.

All 33 of the XTB group of securities have delivered positive total returns over 12 months where you might struggle to find equities and hybrids in positive territory. Each XTB delivered between 0.3% and 9.1% returns.

After a year from hell for equities and hybrids, who wouldn’t want a portfolio where even your worst picks were in positive territory? You don’t need to be Einstein and senior bonds aren’t rocket science.

Get XTBs onto your menu now and join the smart money.

Total Returns 28 Jan 15 - 28 Jan 16

Fixed Rate XTBs – Total Returns

Bond Issuer XTB Code Total Returns *
APA Group YTMAPA 3.4%
Aurizon YTMAZJ 1.4%
Bank of Queensland YTMBOQ 2.9%
Caltex YTMCTX 3.1%
Coca Cola Amatil YTMCCA 2.3%
Crown YTMCWN 2.7%
Dexus YTMDXS 3.3%
Incitec Pivot YTMIPL 3.4%
Lend Lease YTMLLC 2.0%
Lend Lease YTMLL1 1.7%
Mirvac YTMMGR 2.6%
Mirvac YTMMG1 3.0%
Qantas YTMQF1 9.0%
Qantas YTMQF2 8.6%
Qantas YTMQF3 9.1%
Scentre Group YTMSCG 2.6%
Stockland YTMSGP 3.0%
Stockland YTMSG1 3.1%
Sydney Airports YTMSYD 3.4%
Telstra YTMTLS 1.4%
Wesfarmers YTMWES 2.1%
Wesfarmers YTMWE1 2.1%
Woolworths YTMWOW 0.3%

Floating Rate XTBs – Total Returns

Bond Issuer XTB Code Total Returns *
AMP YTMF01  2.5%
Bank of Queensland YTMF02 2.6%
Bank of Queensland YTMF03 2.5%
NAB YTMF04 2.3%
NAB YTMF05 2.3%
Suncorp YTMF06 2.4%

* Total Returns 28 Jan 15 to 28 Jan 16

 Source Bloomberg & Australian Corporate Bond Company Limited.
The XTB data has been extrapolated based on the underlying bond price and  the Securities Manager’s Margin (fees).
The XTB data is based on a universe of XTBs over fixed rate bonds. The first XTBs were quoted on ASX on 14 May 2015.
At the end of the analysis there are 26 XTBs that make up the XTB index. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
You should not make an investment decision based on this data and chart alone, you should consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement, with or without the assistance of your professional advisers.

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  • 22Sep 2021

    YTMSG3: STOCKLAND 3.30% 22 MAR 2024

    This is the coupon date

  • 10Oct 2021

    YTMF15: NAB BBSW + 0.80% 10 FEB 2023

    This is the coupon date

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