Where to for investors in the $500m CBAHA?

  • 17.DEC.2015
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Six new Floating Rate XTBs now available on ASX offer rollover options

CBAHA is a senior Floating Rate Note (FRN) issued by the Commonwealth Bank in 2010 and quoted on ASX. It matured on 24 December 2015. For investors considering their rollover options, there are now six FRNs for you to choose from through XTBs on ASX.

The Floating Rate XTBs available are:

  • AMP (ASX code: YTMF01)
  • Bank of Queensland (ASX codes: YTMF02 and YTMF03)
  • National Australia Bank (ASX codes: YTMF04 and YTMF05)
  • Suncorp (ASX code: YTMF06)


CBAHA was issued with a coupon rate of BBSW + 1.05%. The six FRNs underlying the XTBs were issued with coupon rates of BBSW + interest margin ranging from 0.85% to 1.15%. View current XTB details.

If you are holding CBAHA and looking for a rollover option with very similar investment characteristics, one of the newly released Floating Rate XTBs could be worth considering.

CBAHA Rollover chart

The full range of XTBs are available through all full service and online broking firms, or via your financial adviser and most wrap platforms.

Please feel free to contact us, on 1800 995 993 if you would like to confirm if your broker or adviser offers access to XTBs on ASX.


  • 21Aug 2018

    YTMIPL: INCITEC PIVOT 5.75% 21 FEB 2019

    This is the coupon date

  • 24Aug 2018

    YTMGP1: GPT 3.657% 24 AUG 2026

    This is the coupon date

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