I thought I bought a bond

  • 10.SEP.2016
  • Christopher Hall,  Sharecafe

The Saturday edition of Sharecafe featured an interview with Richard Murphy.

Christopher Hall discusses with Richard Murphy, CEO of Australian Corporate Bond Company (XTB), how Hybrids compare to Fixed Income and Term Deposits.

Christopher and Richard discuss how hybrids compare to fixed income and TD investments. With many investors thought to compare hybrids to TDs and other fixed income investments because of the yield it’s important that they understand the differences between these investments.

Christoper Hall Share Cafe I thought I bought a bond

They also cover:

  • The changes that ASX and APRA have made recently and the impact these have had
  • How the capital stabilty of bonds is a lot more similar to the capital stablity of TDs
  • Who are the winners and losers in the current situation with APRA rule changes
  • How greater clarity in understanding the compexities of hybrids should make every one a winner


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Source: Sharecafe


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