Risks and diversification strategies associated with XTBs

  • 02.Feb.2017
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Richard Murphy talks to Kaplan about XTBs. They discuss the risks and diversification strategies investors should consider.

As part two of a series, James Ellis from Kaplan Professional spoke to Richard Murphy about the risks investors should be aware of when considering an investment in corporate bonds or XTBs. As part of their discussion, they look at specific examples of how some of the associated risks have impacted corporate bonds.

Questions include:

  • Tell me how changes in interest rates may affect a diversified portfolio of corporate bonds?
  • What happens to fixed rate bonds if rates decrease?
  • What investment risks would concern an equity holder, but not a bond holder?
  • Are there liquidity risks for XTBs which investors should be aware of?
  • Is it best practice for bond investors to hold a diverse portfolio of bonds?


Watch the full interview below:

CPD hours are available via Kaplan Professional for viewers of this video.

Previously in this series:

How XTBs can offer investors a fixed income boost


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