How XTBs can offer a fixed income boost

  • 16.JAN.2017
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Richard Murphy talks to Kaplan about corporate bonds and how to use them in a portfolio

James Ellis from Kaplan Professional spoke to Richard Murphy recently about the burgeoning corporate bond market. As part of their discussion, they look beneath the covers at what XTBs are. They also cover how advisers and investors can incorporate corporate bond returns into their portfolios.

Questions include:

  • Why haven’t retail investors been able to access corporate bonds easily  to date?
  • How do XTBs differ from corporate bonds?
  • How many XTBs are available and do they represent investment grade and junk bonds?
  • What corporate bond coupon structures are available via XTBs?
  • Are there fees associated with investing in XTBs?
  • What are the advantages of holding corporate bonds over term deposits?


Watch the full interview below.

CPD hours are available via Kaplan Professional for viewers of this video.

Next in this series:

Risks and Diversification strategies associated with XTBs


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