Five more floating-rate XTBs on ASX

  • 21.Nov.2018
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Our new PDS of XTBs increases the range of XTBs available and offers trading margins up to 0.86% as at 28 Nov 2018.

YTMF17 AMP Bank Limited BBSW+1.35% 24 MAY 21
YTMF13 Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited BBSW+1.00% 7 MAR 22
YTMF14 Bank of Queensland Limited BBSW+1.02% 16 NOV 21
YTMF15 National Australia Bank Limited BBSW+0.80% 10 FEB 3
YTMF16 Westpac Banking Corporation BBSW+0.81% 27 OCT 22

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  • ASX Ticker: AMP
  • Market Cap: $7.02b
  • ASX Rank: 54
  • Investment Grade
  • Sector: Insurance
  • XTB Ticker: YTMF17


AMP is a financial services company in Australia and New Zealand providing superannuation and investment products, insurance, financial advice and banking products including home loans and savings accounts. AMP shares are included in the Australian Securities Exchange’s S&P/ASX 50 index.

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AMP Investor Centre

  • ASX Ticker: ANZ
  • Market Cap: $75.74b
  • ASX Rank: 5
  • Investment Grade
  • Sector: Banks
  • XTB Ticker: YTMF13


ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Bank)is a publicly listed company which traces its origins to the Bank of Australasia which was established in 1835. ANZ is one of the five largest listed companies in Australia and is the number one bank in New Zealand. With assets over $915b, ANZ operates in more than 34 countries across Australasia, Europe, America and the Middle East.

More about YTMF13

ANZ Investor Centre

  • ASX Ticker: BOQ
  • Market Cap: $3.93b
  • ASX Rank: 92
  • Investment Grade
  • Sector: Banks
  • XTB Ticker: YTMF14


BOQ (Bank of Queensland) is one of Australia’s leading regional banks. Most branches are run by local Owner-Managers who pride themselves on building long-term customer relationships. BOQ has more than 180 branches across Australia and is in the ASX top 100 companies.

More about YTMF14

BOQ Investor Centre

national australia bank logo

  • ASX Ticker: NAB
  • Market Cap: $67.29b
  • ASX Rank: 6
  • Investment Grade
  • Sector: Banks
  • XTB Ticker: YTMF15


NAB (National Australia Bank) is one of the four largest banks in Australia and is ranked 21st largest bank in the world in terms of market capitalisation. NAB operated over 1500 branches and services centres across Australia, New Zealand and Asia serving over 12 million customers.

More about YTMF15

NAB Investor Centre

  • ASX Ticker; WBC
  • Market Cap: $89.13b
  • ASX Rank: 3
  • Investment Grade
  • Sector: Banks
  • XTB Ticker: YTYMF16


Westpac is Australia’s first bank and oldest company. It is one of four major banking organisations in Australia and is one of the largest banks in New Zealand. Westpac provides a broad range of banking and financial services including consumer, business and institutional banking as well as wealth management.

More about YTYMF16

Westpac Investor Centre


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  • 26Oct 2021

    YTMVCX: VICINITY 3.50% 26 APR 2024

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  • 26Oct 2021

    YTMVC1: VICINITY 4.00% 26 APR 2027

    This is the coupon date

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