Eight New XTBs on ASX

  • 29.Oct.2020
  • Michael Rockliff,  XTB

Today, eight more XTBs are available on ASX

These new XTBs have three key features:

1. ASX Top 200 issuers with three new issuers

2. At the higher end of our available yields and offer significant uplift over current deposit rates, for the higher risk of investing in corporate bonds, and

3. Choice of shorter or longer term maturities – range from three to nine years.

The New XTBs:

  • Stockland 3.35% 22 MAR 2024 – YTMSG3
  • Shopping Centres Aus 3.90% 07 JUN 2024 – YTMSCP
  • Ampol 4.00% 17 APR 2025 – YTMADL
  • Incitec Pivot 4.30% 18 MAR 2026 – YTMIP1
  • Downer Group 3.70% 29 APR 2026 – YTMDO2
  • Origin Energy 2.65% 11 NOV 2027 – YTMORG
  • Macquarie 4.15% 15 DEC 2027 – YTMMQ1
  • DEXUS 2.50% 17 OCT 2029 – YTMDX3


Issuers for latest XTBs

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Further details of each of the underlying bonds can be found within the Product Disclosure Statement.

The new range over five different maturity years and also introduce another three issuers to the XTB family.
Now more than ever, its important to have transparency and a known outcome in fixed income investing.

Michael Rockliff, Head of Distribution XTB


XTBs outperform the Index

The AusBond Composite Index has a current yield to maturity of 0.69%, before fund manager fees. The new XTBs offer yields of up to 2.57%Ā¹.

Using XTBs gives access to top ASX investment grade issuer bond returns and unlike ETFs provide the predictability of a known date of maturity and a known income stream.

Create new XTB portfolios

The addition of these XTBs broadens the options available when creating XTB portfolios. The choice of new issuers, maturity dates and yield ranges allow you to match XTB characteristics with your investment needs.

XTB Cash Flow iconBuild your portfolio in our Cash Flow Calculator.

How to Trade

If these new XTBs are of interest and you’re ready to trade, there are just threeĀ simple steps to follow:

1. Make a note of the ticker codeĀ for each XTBĀ you wish to buy
2. Log on to your normal online brokerĀ and enterĀ the first ticker code, e.g.Ā YTMDO2
3. Enter how much you’d like to invest and tick “at market” to buy at the current XTB price and then confirm your purchase.

More about how to buy and sell XTBs

The XTB Track Record

  • LaunchedĀ 74 XTBsĀ to ASX
  • Traded more thanĀ $900mĀ on ASX
  • Processed overĀ 500Ā distribution payments toĀ XTB investors providing overĀ $51mĀ in coupon income
  • Returned more thanĀ $173mĀ in face value to XTB unit holders from 41 matured XTBs.


Ā¹ Source: XTB and Bloomberg as at 27 October 2020


  • 27Jul 2021

    YTMF16: Westpac Bank BBSW + 0.81% 27 OCT 2022

    This is the coupon date

  • 10Aug 2021

    YTMF15: NAB BBSW + 0.80% 10 FEB 2023

    This is the coupon date

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