Corporate Bonds – Off and running again in 2016

  • 01.FEB.2016
  • Richard Murphy,  XTB

Equities vs Senior Corporate Bond vs Hybrids: From May ’15

Mark-to-market total returns from Equities v. Senior Corporate Bonds (XTBs on ASX) v. Hybrids since senior corporate bond XTB were made available on ASX in May 2015.

Corporate Bond Returns Equities vs bond vs hybrids 2015

* 26 Fixed Rate XTBs  (incl. XTB fee)
** 33 listed hybrids

Equities vs Senior Corporate Bond vs Hybrids: From Dec ’13

Similar data, but back two years with XTB data extrapolated from May 2015 based on the underlying bond price plus XTB fee.  Note the smaller population of Hybrids and XTBs at the start of this analysis as some securities were only issued in the last two years.

Corporate Bond Returns Equities vs bonds vs hybrids 13 - 15

* Start of analysis 22 Fixed Rate XTBs (incl. XTB fee).  End of analysis 26 XTBs on ASX.
** Start of analysis 22 listed hybrids.  End of analysis 33 listed hybrids

Source: Australian Corporate Bond Company


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