Cash Plus Starter Pack

Cash PlusCash Plus Starter Pack

The Cash Plus starter pack of XTBs aims to provide:

  • A monthly income stream
  • Interest rates that are competitive with ‘at call’ bank accounts and term deposits
  • A low risk investment – with a capital preservation focus that achieves low levels of price volatility
  • Daily liquidity on ASX, with no holding periods.

What’s in the Cash Plus Starter Pack?

ASX Code Underlying Bond
YTMF11 WESTPAC BBSW+0.90% 28 JUL 2020

Ready to trade?

You can buy the Cash Plus starter pack through any online broker, starting from as little as $1,500.

Alternatively, contact your stockbroker or financial adviser to include these XTBs in your investment portfolio or SMSF. It’s that simple.

What income stream does this starter pack provide?

Use our cash flow tool to map out the income stream you’ll receive from this starter pack.

Email a copy of the results to yourself; or send a copy to your financial adviser to discuss, or as execution instructions.

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View the investment overview, rules and parameters of this starter pack

Other available Starter Packs

If you’d prefer, you can customise your own portfolio of XTBs. Use the cash flow tool to map out the income you will receive from up to 10 XTBs, to check that it meets your needs.

Your Portfolio Manager: Experience you can trust

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Ian Martin has over 30 years experience in fixed income markets globally. Ian is passionate about fixed income and how it provides certainty and protects against volatility in investment portfolios.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about this starter pack, or on XTBs more generally please contact us on:

Tel: 1800 995 993

XTB Financial Services Guide

Download a copy of our Financial Services Guide on the link below.

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