Fixed Income Starter Packs

Fixed income investing on ASX made simple

Have you been thinking about your fixed income investments, but don’t know where to start? A fixed income starter pack could be just what you are looking for.

Starter packs are pre-selected portfolios of XTBs that help take the guesswork out of deciding what to invest in. Each starter pack has up to five individual XTBs.  Each XTB is issued over bonds from leading ASX listed corporates, such as Telstra, Qantas and Woolworths.

Who are fixed income starter packs suitable for?

  • Investors seeking a regular, reliable income stream
  • Investors looking for protection against rising interest rates
  • Those looking to build an investment portfolio via direct investments on ASX
  • Investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and blend fixed income with equity and property investments
  • Investors with an SMSF and looking for low risk and capital stable investments.

Why choose a starter pack?

Top ASX Companies Invest in a diversified portfolio of XTBs, with exposure to corporate bonds from leading ASX-listed corporates
Accessible Start investing on ASX from as little as $1,500 ($500 per XTB)
Easy Invest through any online broker or full service broker
No additional forms required
Flexible You have the ability to buy more individual XTBs to build on your portfolio.
Alternatively you can sell them at any time on ASX

What our starter packs offer you

Our starter packs provide exposure to corporate bonds on ASX and deliver:

  • Higher yields than ‘at call’ bank accounts and many term deposits, and
  • Lower risk than equities and hybrids.

Select a pack to match your goals

Pack Overview Goals
High Yield Up to 5 leading Australian bond issuers offering high yields Earn a high yield with capital preservation
Maturity Ladder A portfolio of up to 5 bonds with one maturing each year. Protect against rising interest rates and manage cash flows annually.
Top Brands Up to 5 of the most valuable brands in Australia. Invest in a portfolio of names you know and trust.
Cash Plus Up to 5 bank floating rate notes. Earn regular income with an interest rate higher than ‘at-call’ cash accounts.

How to invest




Select your starter pack

  • Select the starter pack that matches your goals
  • Decide how much you want to invest (from $1,500)
  • Map out your income with the XTB Cash Flow Tool

Read the relevant XTB PDS

These are available at


Invest through ASX

The ASX codes are provided on each starter pack page:

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XTB Financial Services Guide

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High Yield Starter Pack

Select the highest yielding XTBs available

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Cash Plus Starter Pack

Receive monthly income with Floating-Rate XTBs

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Top Brands Starter Pack

Invest in Australia's biggest brands


Maturity Ladder Starter Pack

Protect against rate rises with one XTB maturing each year