Awards and Achievements

We are delighted to have been recognised for the following awards and achievements:

2019 Fintech Business Awards

Finalist in Investment Innovator of the Year and Personal Finance Innovator of the Year categories in the Fintech Business Awards.


Afiniation FinTech Showcase: Best Disrupter

XTB Best Disrupter

Australian Corporate Bond Company Co-Founder Ian Martin presented at the Afiniation Melbourne Showcase in April 2016 to an audience of bankers, brokers and venture capitalists. XTBs were identified by the judges as filling a gap in the market by offering retail investors an easy way to buy corporate bond exposure. “The problem is while it is simple to buy shares in individual companies, it is extremely difficult to buy underyling corporate bonds” Ian Martin says. explaining this gap.

“XTBs trade on the stock exchange like an equity, what we do is take $500,00 lots traded in the wholesale market and break them down into $100 units and have a Market Maker making prices on ASX with continual prices.”

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Comments from the judges: “XTBs are a fantastic example of democratisation of financial products, making the corporate bonds investment products available to the retail and SMSF market.” Rob Wallis from IRESS.

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XTB Marketing Awards

Davey Awards 2016: Gold

Our creative agency, Yell Creative was received “GOLD” from the Davey Awards for the design and development of the XTB website.

Davey Awards Gold Winner

About the Davey Awards

David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock – the sort of thing small agencies do each year. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets.

Gold website Design Award: Financial Services

CSS Design Awards: Special Kudos

Our creative agency, Yell Creative was awarded “SPECIAL KUDOS” from CSS Design Awards for the design and development of the XTB website.

XTB Website Special Kudos award

About the CSS Awards

CSSDA is an international web design and development awards platform. It honours and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of creativity, functionality and usability. Daily, monthly and yearly awards are presented for outstanding creativity and technical proficiency. Judged by a panel of international judges, this is a prestigious award.

Nominees and winners have the dual benefit of being judged by both CSSDA’s highly experienced and independent in-house judges (that judge sites for a living) and by an esteemed panel of industry experts consisting of cutting edge designers, leading developers and some of the most successful directors, founders and creative peeps on the planet.

Special Kudos Award

Creative International Awards: Silver winner

Our creative agency, Yell Creative were awarded with a “SILVER” award from Creativity International Awards for the design and development of the XTB website.

About the Creativity International Awards

A panel of advertising and graphic design professionals who meet deadlines and budgets on a daily basis judges the Creativity International Awards. They understand your challenges and the lengths to which you go to overcome them. Creativity International Awards makes a special effort to obtain judges representing the demographics of our competitors – judges from East Coast agencies, West Coast agencies, international agencies, freelancers, educators and creative directors have all taken part in our panels over the years.

Website Design Awards: Website of the day

The XTB site was again recognised as “website of the day” in the Website Design Awards.


  • 19Apr 2019

    YTMF16: Westpac Bank BBSW + 0.81% 27 OCT 2022

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  • 19Apr 2019

    YTMTL2: Telstra 4.00% 19 APR 2027

    This is the coupon date

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