Another platform adds XTBs: MA Operator

With continued adviser demand for XTBs across various platforms, MA Operator has now also made XTBs available. This brings the total number of platforms XTBs are available on to more than 25 (Investment and Super).
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MA Operator, a recent entrant in the growing ‘managed account’ space, provides managed account and direct client portfolio services for financial advisers.

MA Operator gives advisers the flexibility to use any model or asset allocation and tailor each client portfolio to their particular preferences. This includes the full range of XTB’s, as part of a client portfolio or model, or through one of the available XTB Fixed Income Model Portfolios.

Available fixed income model portfolios on MA Operator:

  1. High Yield Model Portfolio
  2. Maturity Ladder Model Portfolio
  3. Cash Plus Model Portfolio
  4. Concentrated High Yield Model Portfolio

Did you know?

Through MA Operator, you can outsource the management of your direct fixed income portfolio for your clients to Australian Corporate Bond Company. This offers you the flexibility to deliver a direct fixed income solution to your clients in an efficient and cost effective manner. It also delivers superior outcomes over fixed income ETFs.

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About MA Operator


MA Operator provides unique and sophisticated rebalancing, analytics and automated ROA generation and link to the trade execution on ASX. MA Operator provides the tools to review the security or group of securities, like XTB Model’s performance, beta and correlation vs a benchmark, and the sortino and sharpe ratio’s. All of these features help to ensure compliance and free up advisers to provide increased value to their clients. Choice of bank, broker, customer relationship management system and advice tools remains in the hands of the adviser or dealer group.

Maturity Ladder Model Portfolio

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Cash Flow Tool

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