About us

Our Mission

Make the benefits of ‘high quality’ corporate bonds accessible to everyone on ASX.

XTBs level the fixed income playing field. They give all investors access to better returns and greater certainty.

Our Strategy

Corporate bonds aren’t well known or well-understood in Australia. We want to clear up this confusion – show that bonds don’t deserve their ‘boring’ label and play an important role in a balanced portfolio.

Our focus is to educate investors on the benefits and risks of investing in corporate bonds, and to provide updates on trends in fixed income markets.

How do we deliver XTBs?

We identify high quality senior corporate bonds in the wholesale market. Then we provide investors with exposure to them through individual XTBs trading on ASX.

XTBs offer a middle ground between high risk shares and safer, but low yielding Term Deposits. They offer a predictable alternative to bond ETFs and managed funds.

Our Story

Two of our founders, Ian Martin and the late John McNiven spent their careers working in global bond markets. They dealt with institutions, large corporate and government bond issuers. They were disappointed no top 100 bonds were easily accessible on ASX for their own portfolios.

A chance meeting with Richard Murphy was the final piece in the puzzle needed to bring XTBs to life. Richard had spent 20 years at ASX. Together, they joined the dots between the benefits of corporate bonds and how to get them into the hands of Australian investors.

Once the idea was formulated, Richard hand-picked a team to bring the XTB dream to reality.

Our Milestones

In our short history, we have already achieved a lot and won numerous awards. We have ambitious plans to continue to grow the business and expand the XTB range. We want to give every investor greater choice and security around their financial future.

Key Milestones

  • Feb 2019: Finalist – Investment & Personal Finance Innovator of the Year. Fintech business awards
  • Nov 2018: 5 more floating-rate XTBs launched
  • Sep 2018: 5 more XTBs launched, bringing yields to just under 4%
  • Jul 2018: CommSec include XTBs on fixed income web page & $300 FUM
  • Apr 2018: Launched Australia’s first fixed income managed ESG portfolio on HUB24.
  • Dec 2017: 4 more XTBs launched
  • Jun 2017: 3 more XTBs launched & $200m FUM
  • Dec 2016: Davey Awards 2016 – gold website design award
  • Oct 2016: 10 more XTBs and the first “green” XTB launched
  • Jul & Aug 2016: A suite of 4 recommended portfolios launched
  • May 2016: 6 more XTBs launched on ASX
  • Apr 2016: Win Best Disruptor at FinTech Awards
  • Nov 2015: 16 more XTBs added, including the first floating-rate XTBs
  • May 2015: First 17 XTBs launched on ASX


Important information

Australian Corporate Bond Company (ACN 169 442 657, Authorised Representative No.: 1280464) (“Australian Corporate Bond Company”) is an Authorised Representative of Equity Trustees Limited (ABN 46 004 031 298; AFSL No. 240975) (“EQT”) and has been appointed as the manager of XTBs quoted on ASX.

It coordinates the day-to-day processes of XTBs and ensures the Product Disclosure Statements and other relevant disclosures are made available to ASX and investors.

ACBC’s full role and that of the Responsible Entity are detailed in the XTB Product Disclosure Statements.


  • 27Oct 2021

    YTMF16: Westpac Bank BBSW + 0.81% 27 OCT 2022

    This is the coupon date

  • 29Oct 2021

    YTMDO2: DOWNER 3.70% 29 APR 2026

    This is the coupon date

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