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Australian Corporate Bond Company

Established in 2013 to develop the XTB fixed income investment opportunity, Australian Corporate Bond Company’s directors, executives and key shareholders have extensive skills and experience in investment banking, broking, trading, funds management, investment product manufacturing and exchange operations.

Working with banks, brokers and market makers, ACBC selects the underlying corporate bonds that will be made available to investors via XTBs on ASX.

Looking forward, the company will grow the range of XTBs available on ASX and deliver a range of educational and marketing tools aimed at stockbrokers, financial advisers and individual investors.

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Important information

Australian Corporate Bond Company (ACN 169 442 657 and Authorised Representative No. 469037) (“Australian Corporate Bond Company”) is an Authorised Representative of Theta Asset Management Limited (ABN 37 071 807 684, AFSL 230920) (“Theta”) and has been appointed as the manager of XTBs quoted on ASX.

It coordinates the day-to-day processes of XTBs and ensures the Product Disclosure Statements and other relevant disclosures are made available to ASX and investors.

ACBC’s full role and that of the Responsible Entity are detailed in the XTB Product Disclosure Statements.


  • 16Aug 2018

    YTMAS2: Ausnet 4.40% 16 AUG 2027

    This is the coupon date

  • 20Aug 2018

    YTMF05: NAB BBSW+0.85% 20 MAY 2019

    This is the coupon date

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