Available XTBs

Available XTBs for advisers: This information is available for licenced advisers and brokers only. 

This interactive table provides details of the XTBs currently available. These include underlying bonds with fixed and floating coupon bonds across a range of sectors. Use the filters below to narrow your search, or call us if you need any assistance.

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Underlying Bond Issuer
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Coupon Type
New Fixed Rate Floating Rate


Source: Australian Corporate Bond Company. All calculations are based on the observed mid-point of the bid and offer prices for the relevant XTB between the hours of 3pm and 4pm on the previous day and the assumption that the underlying bond will continue until the Maturity Date specified. View Matured XTBs

Coupon P.A.:4.14%
Indicative yield:2.950%
Current yield:4.289%
Trading margin:0.356%


Each class of XTB is separate to each other class and is linked to the performance, after fees and expenses, of the specific underlying bond (as per the table above). You can choose which XTBs to invest in and accordingly which specific bonds you will have an economic exposure to from this table. An investment in an XTB is not a direct investment in the underlying bond. However, the performance of an XTB is linked to the performance, after fees and expenses, of the underlying bond. For further information on fees and expenses and how this may impact your investment in XTBs, please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).
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